Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Open Studio

(Source: Heart Industry)

(Source: Heart Industry)

(Source: j.hische)

(Source: printtroll)

(Source: Mark Barry)

(Source: Tanya Aguinaga)

(Source: Tanya Aguinaga)

(Source: Rob Ryan)

(Source: Tanya Aguinaga)

(Source: tilaneseven)

I never tire of looking at the studios and workspaces of artists and other crafty types. I find the paint splatters, fabric scraps, and well-worn tools incredibly inspiring. Seeing the creative messes of other artists makes me want to jump into a new project and make my own mess. I also love to see the images and ephemera that artists tack on the walls of their spaces to inspire them.

Even better than browsing photos, of course, is visiting a studio in person. I've been to a couple of studio tours or artists' homes that I admired, and I'd love to see more. There's something very intimate about walking into the space where an artist creates.

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