Monday, March 21, 2011

1960s Advertising

I could look at these images of 1960s print ads all day. The bright colors and graphic shapes are infinitely more interesting to me than a lot of contemporary advertising.

What do you think? Do you prefer modern digitally enhanced print ads or old-fashioned, hand-illustrated advertising?

(Source: all images from Pink Ponk)


  1. I love this sort of thing. I think a lot about targets and bands of color. I also love how the colors are so pure and primary. PS your blog is gorgeous!

  2. I love these ads! I like the simplicity and boldness of them.

  3. I love the first one. So graphic and bold. Even thought I am in advertising now, and we do cool things, I adore vintage ad. My cube is covered with Art Deco travel ads.

  4. I love something retro with vibrant colour and hand-drawn! But black and white image for advertising is lovely too.

    I love the selection ads you've added in this post!


  5. I love your selections! I really like vintage ads too. Though a lot of neat ads pop up now, they are less frequently art.

    And thanks for sharing those toothbrush links on my blog. I came across radius while I was looking for biodegradable ones and I really like the look of those handles...though I am still searching for something that can be tossed in the compost, those might be good in the meantime.

  6. These are fantastic! It reminds me of Mad Men (which i adore), when Sal the Artistic Director has to branch out from drawing because photography and TV ads are quickly replacing the lovely hand-drawings.

    Those startling red tights in the first ad are gorgeous. A perfect epitome of colorblocking, no?

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  7. these ads are amazing! so bold and graphic.


  8. These posters are great.
    You have a wonderful blog, with lots of inspiring finds.

  9. These are way cool! Very MAD MEN. I would personally like to see these in my magazines than the boring old white background ones we have today. Then again, they may induce a seizure after long exposure ;-)