Monday, March 28, 2011


I made the first collage shortly after the New Museum opened a few years ago; I loved the architecture of the building as well as the advertising campaign that accompanied it's opening. Droga5 created a logo based on the elevation of the building, and that shape became like a window or a keyhole, offering a sneak peek of what was to come. Those "windows" were repeated (sometimes with images inside, sometimes as cut-outs) on billboards, in subway stations, in department store windows, in newspapers, magazines and websites. It was simple and clever, and it worked--because everyone was talking about the New Museum.

The second collage is again about repetition of shape, only this time with a mobile by Tim Rose for F. Dorian and a photo shoot that I think came out of Marie Claire magazine. I like that she's casting technicolor shadows on the wall (reminds me of the red and blue cellophane in old school 3D glasses), and the embroidered pattern on her dress echoes the red orbs of the mobile. If anyone's curious, I think the dress is by Erdem.


  1. I like that mobile. I can see how it would be inspiring.

  2. You made the first collage?! I love it! The design and repetition of the pattern (and colors!) are really striking :)