Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Friday

(Source: from Le Petit Prince, read online here)

Any exciting plans this weekend? I'm hopefully getting a long-overdue haircut, making new pins for the shop, reading the book I just checked out of the library, and getting outside. Actually, a lot of plans are up in the air due to the impending government shutdown (which, as of Thursday night when I'm writing this, is still not resolved). All of the Smithsonian museums will be closed (and possibly also the Cherry Blossom Festival, the National Zoo, etc.). Of course, the government shutdown is much more than an inconvenience to locals and tourists, it affects a lot of people's jobs, including my boyfriend's. Let's hope they can get their acts together!

Anyway, have a fun and relaxing weekend friends!


  1. The government shutdown definitely has me worried... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a quick resolution.

    This weekend I'm going to get a dress altered for a friend's wedding, and I'm meeting friends to plan our trip to California in May :)

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend! (Minus the shutdown worries :( ).

    I need a haircut so badly... Have fun at yours! I think we're going to go thrifting. It's nice to have Robbie home from the road for a few weeks - weekends together when your partner is on the road with a band half the year are pretty priceless!


  3. That is crazy about the government shutdown. Hope it can be resolved soon. Hope you have a lovely weekend! Love the new items in your shop (: