Monday, April 4, 2011

New prints from Elsa Mora

I'm excited to share my latest Etsy purchase with you: two prints from artist Elsa Mora. Elsita is quite prolific and works in many different forms of art such as drawing, painting, papercut, porcelain sculptures, handmade dolls, jewelry, and miniature books. A visit to any one of her blogs (she writes several) is a must; they are filled with inspiration and Elsita's unique wit, wisdom, and positive outlook on life.

This print (from an acrylic painting on canvas) is called "Flower Vision." Elsita writes that the inspiration behind this painting came from the Victorian era and a quote from Matisse, which states, "There are always flowers for those who want to see them." Having this lovely print on my wall will remind me to always be aware of the beauty that exists even on bleak days and that inspiration is all around us. Visually, I love the delicate, doll-like features of the girl's face, the painterly highlights on her dress, the detail and sheen of the birds' feathers, the texture of the background, and the painted gold frame, among other things.

This print (from an original papercut) is called "Secret Anatomy of a Young Girl" and is about the process of going from childhood to womanhood. I emailed Elsita to ask about the symbolism in the print, and she wrote that the girl is a teenager trying to figure out the world outside as well as the world inside herself. The images of the wolf and snake represent the challenges she faces, and the flower and bee represent her growth and beauty. Elsita's papercuts just blow my mind. I mean, look at the wolf's fur--so detailed and tiny! I also love the delicate, lace-like vines running throughout her body like blood vessels and the stylized bee's wings.

Now I have to decide how to frame them. The only frames I have at the moment are standard black and wood gallery frames, but I don't think those would do these beauties justice. I was thinking an antique-looking frame might be more appropriate, or maybe silver? What do you guys think? Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

Oh, and here's the link again to Elsita's main blog, and her Etsy shop.


  1. These are beautiful! And I love that you wrote a post about your Etsy purchase - I think people should do that more often!

    I think the papercut print would look amazing in a silver antique frame.

  2. Those are so lovely. The papercut is especially wonderful. Thanks for the introduction to a great new artist.

  3. Beautiful!! What a talented artist:)

  4. Neat! Are you creating a little vintage corner? I would love to see some of the other accent pieces you have with these.

  5. wow, these are wonderful... elsita's work is stunning, as always.


  6. Her work is stunning, I am amazed with her papercut work.

  7. Thanks a lot Mary!
    What an honor being featured on your blog :)
    Elsita :)

  8. Quite beautiful. I'll have to go check out her store. It's been a while since I've been over there. With work this beautiful, I almost think a simple frame would work best so that the frame doesn't detract, but it really depends on your decor, style and preferences. Go with what will make you happiest.

  9. just beautiful. off to check out her shop.....and they look lovely in the blue room.