Thursday, April 28, 2011

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.

All of the hullabaloo surrounding the royal wedding has got me feeling very nostalgic for London. I lived there years ago and have been back a couple of times to visit. It will probably always be my favorite city. In honor of the occasion, I ventured into the depths of my closet, unearthed a dusty photo album, and scanned in a few photographs to share.

This was the view from my bedroom window. I lived in a split level flat on Paddington Street, above the Cherry Top Cafe (which sadly has been turned into something else now). One of the things I miss most about London is all of the nooks and crannies, weird doors, and winding staircases that seem unique to older British buildings.

The view from the balcony.

I passed this pretty area (Westminster Abbey) nearly every day on my way to school.

Regent's Park was near my flat, and I spent a lot of time there with friends. It was one of those places that held a little bit of magic; no matter what was going on in our lives, it was impossible to have a bad day there.

The William Wallace was one of many neighborhood pubs where I was given too many free pints.

(I didn't edit these photos at all after I scanned them because I like that they're faded and that some of the colors are a bit off.)

Have you ever lived in a place far from home that stayed with you, years later, like an indelible bond?

*Post title is a quote from Samuel Johnson


  1. Great photos! I love that quote in your title, it says it all.

  2. You lucky girl you, having lived in London! I could almost feel the energy of London in your photos:):)

  3. Love the photos! I would love to go back to London to continue exploring. So much to do and see!

  4. I love this quote and your photos are lovely.

  5. Great quote and great pictures.
    I have never been to London, or GB at all for that matter. But I did spend some fantastic time abroad in Russia, so yest, I know what you mean.

  6. I visited many years ago. Would love to go back again.

  7. These are really gorgeous pictures. I've spent time in Paris, Amsterdam and Brugge (Belgium) but still haven't made it to London. Seeing this pictures make me ache for Europe!!!


  8. Love your photos! I want to visit London someday!!

  9. I am so envious of you living in London. Going there has always been a dream of mine. I am a total Anglophile.

  10. Thanks for sharing your photos. So beautiful. I'd love to visit London one day.

  11. Your photos are completely bringing the magic of London to me, so thank you! (I've wanted to visit for ages, but it's not in my future anytime soon...)

    I went to college in New York City, and while I don't miss it that much in general, there are specific things that I will always miss---parks being one of them. City parks are amazing, and your photos of Regent's Park are making me sigh.