Friday, May 20, 2011

7 More Random Facts About Yours Truly

Laura from I'm So Vintage was kind enough to pass on a blog award to me! Laura also has a great vintage shop you should check out.

So, here are seven more random facts about me:

1. I was a ballet dancer growing up, and I still get weak in the knees at the sight of tulle and satin. Now when I see a performance, my feet don't miss it at all, but my heart aches a bit.

2. I have problems with my feet (see number 1), so I hardly ever wear high heels.

3. I love movies: good, bad, and everything in between. I often watch foreign films and classic films, but I also love dumb comedies, quirky indie flicks, and the occasional guilty pleasure (like Dirty Dancing - notice a theme here?). If I started listing my favorites now, I'd probably still be typing next week, but I will try to do a post at some point with a list.

4. I'm scared of sharks, but also very fascinated by them…this reminds me of another post I want to do soon (I'll let it be a surprise).

5. Strangers often stop me on the street to ask directions. It happens every week, and in all the cities I've lived in (including London). I have no idea why. Perhaps I look like I have a good sense of direction. Or maybe I just have a friendly face?

6. I traveled quite a bit when I was younger, all over England, France, Italy, and Spain. I'm so thankful that I made it a priority then because it is true that it becomes harder when you get older and have more responsibilities and less time. Someday, I would still like to see Stockholm, Prague, Vienna, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Berlin, St. Petersburg, and Tokyo. Any recommendations I should add to my list?

7. I think surprise packages in the mail are just about the best thing ever, especially when they contain funny things, or lovely things, or a handwritten note from a friend you haven't seen in ages.

Again, I'm going to be a horrible cheat and not tag 15 other bloggers. Please don't hold it against me:) Have a fantastic weekend everybody!


  1. I don't wear high heels either, and was not a dancer.

    How nice to have traveled so much. How about adding Hawaii to your list.

  2. Add Seoul, South Korea. I'm trying to travel as much as possible now that I'm young without children.

  3. Hey I don't really wear heels either. Do you have a source for dress shoes you recommend? because I always have the hardest time finding something nice...especially for swing dancing.

  4. Loved reading more about you:) No high heels for me either. My favorite city, St. Paul de Vence on the French Riviera.

  5. Thanks for the travel suggestions, guys!

  6. fun post! i was a ballet dancer too and my feet are so busted looking lol!

  7. I don't have foot problems, but I still stink at walking in heels :P My limit is, like, two inches.

    Luckily people rarely ask me directions... probably because I'm lost so often!

  8. Totally agree about packages in the mail - best things ever!

  9. I was a ballet dancer growing up too, and although my feet survived, by legs are a mess! I guess forcing a your knees to point outward on a daily basis from ages 5 to 22 isn't the best idea. ;)

    Nice getting to know more about you!