Thursday, May 5, 2011

Scenes from Life

Here are some random photos from the last couple of weeks:

Some friends of ours were in town, so of course we had to get them cupcakes from our favorite place, Hello Cupcake. I love looking at all those pretty swirls of color almost as much as I love eating them.

The few that weren't eaten sort of got destroyed at the end of the night, but that's another story. I took a photo of that too but thought it was too sad to post.

Ever since I neglected to take any photos at the Cherry Blossom Festival, I can't pass a pink tree on the sidewalk without pulling out my camera. Lucky for me, they are everywhere this time of year.

I kind of crawled inside one to get this photo and got some funny looks from passersby when I emerged.

Nature's confetti.

I'm a sucker for pretty old buildings with fancy architectural details. I love that (for the most part) facades are protected in DC, so that when they renovate, the historical exteriors remain unchanged.

The weather lately seems to alternate between stormy clouds...

and happy clouds, often in the same day. It makes getting dressed a bit tricky. I've put away my sweaters and coats and had to get them back out again several times this spring. But soon enough, it will be too hot here, and I'll be longing for sweater weather once again.


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Those cupcakes look amazing!

  2. Cupcakes and Cherry Blossoms - two of my favorite things. And that skirt is adorable.

  3. Beautiful photos but now I want to eat a cupcake under a pretty tree on a sunshiney day!!

  4. Awesome photos! I love how puffy the cherry blossoms are. Like little poof balls! :)

  5. I've utterly failed to take adequate photos of the gorgeous flowering trees lately, so I'm happy to live vicariously through yours! :)

    I love that skirt, too. Stripes and pockets (and soft cotton) are all A+ things in my book.

  6. I really enjoy your blog so I am sharing an award with you. Please come and claim your award icon at

    Great photos! Love the cupcakes!

  7. these are so beautiful! the cupcakes are adorable and look yummy, the trees are lovely (one of my favorite kinds!) and the skirt looks really cute. i sometimes buy clothes one or two sizes bigger because i like the way they fit. c:

  8. Lovely phrase "nature's confetti." Beautiful trees and pretty skirt (pockets are so underrated). Loved the peek into your life and seeing the simple pleasures that you enjoy.

  9. Those cupcakes look incredible! And those trees are so pretty. Kudos :)

  10. your life looks sweet! :) beautiful photos!