Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Samantha French

I've mentioned I'm moving soon, and while I'd like to completely redecorate my entire apartment, unfortunately, that's not in the budget right now. I can, however, buy a few new prints and pillows and other accessories from my fellow Etsy sellers to make the new place feel more...well, new. I've been eyeing this print, "Three Feet Below," by Samantha French for a while now. I love the abstract swirls, colors, and shadows in the reflection of the young woman in the water juxtaposed with her realistic form. I also love the warm pink and orange tones in her skin next to the cool blue and green hues of the water. Light does magical things when it hits water, and I think Ms. French has captured that dance beautifully.

I also think this print will fit nicely with a couple of other prints I purchased earlier this year by Kat Hannah and Tush Tush, and I plan on hanging them together. At some point in the coming months, when we're all moved in and everything's framed on the wall, I'll take a photo and share with you guys.

What have you bought from Etsy lately?

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  1. I have been wanting to buy a new print from Etsy for the past month but have been so overwhelmed with so many choices. Lots of great options, but nothing I totally love that is in my price range and fits what I have in mind. Do you have certain search criteria or do you just browse? I am browsing mostly so this may be the problem.