Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New in the Shop + a Sneak Peek

Harvest - Felt Flower

Emerald City - Felt Flower

Winston - Bull Terrier

And here's a sneak peek of a new brooch I'm working on, an Airedale Terrier who has yet to be named. You can see a bit of my process here too, which frequently starts as a messy sketch on a scrap of paper before it becomes a wearable animal friend. By the way, any name suggestions are welcome. Leave me a comment!

I've also added a bunch of Halloween goodies for those who like to shop early.

What have you made lately?


  1. I love seeing your process Mary, love the terrier. Hmmmm...Alistair comes to mind:):), what can I say, I have been watching too much BBC:)

  2. Alistair is a great choice...I was thinking Archie. Love your "messy sketch" (no blank piece of paper,including envelope backs, is safe in my house)>

  3. I love the harvest brooch! And the airedale is too freakin cute!