Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Kilim pillow cover from Orientina
Hand woven kilim coasters
African tribal ring from Call of Earth
Woven chain from mamazoo
Vintage Kilim from Orientina

I'm really into texture and pattern for fall, particularly woven goods in traditional kilim patterns. I'm on the hunt for ancient motifs and techniques used in modern contexts and environments. What are you obsessing over right now?


  1. Uh, oh, now you have me obsessing over kilim patterns too:) They are all gorgeous, but I love the last one a lot, a huge amount, a great deal...I mean I really, really like it Mary. See what I mean about obsessing:):)

  2. I love the coasters! I would want to sew those on my jacket!

  3. The coasters kind of look like Girl Scout badges in the picture. Too bad the ones I got as a kid didn't look like these!