Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Letterpress Wedding Invitations by Three Steps Ahead

I can't remember exactly where I first came across Three Steps Ahead, a graphic and web design team with a cool Etsy shop, but I love their style. These letterpress wedding invitations they did a few months ago are the best I've seen in a while. The vintage poster look has a timeless quality, and the colors they chose are so cheery and upbeat. That's what weddings are about after all: love, celebration, and good vibes. You can read all about the printing process on their blog.

Inking as art
Low angle type.
Metal type macro
Ink lineup
Another color
Finished product
(Click on images to go to source.)


  1. What they do looks like magic to me. Reminds me of circus posters...

  2. You're right...their Etsy shop is cool!

  3. amazing! I love the photos of the process too.

  4. Great and unique idea for wedding invitation...


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  5. These are great! We had an old turn of the century letterpress at the printing shop I used to run. We only used it for numbering. We called it the bone crusher. It had a motor attached to it so there was no stopping it if your hands were in the way!