Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Scenes from Life

A few random photos from the last couple of weeks:

Reading about artists and drinking coffee; if this were a job, I bet I'd be over-qualified.

It was so foggy this day that I could barely see the buildings on our block.

I made tomato soup from this recipe, except I substituted low-sodium vegetable broth for chicken broth, cut the butter in half, used half and half instead of cream, and added a bit of pepper. Even with all the changes, it was still a very rich soup. If you wanted to make it even healthier, you could probably use milk instead of half and half, and I'm sure it would still be good.

My birthday was on the 10th, and my boyfriend brought home a pumpkin cheesecake from P√Ętiserrie Poupon and Leonidas chocolates. So amazingly good. I'll share my presents in another post.


  1. Happy belated birthday Mary:) Love that pop of red in your outfit...have a wonderful Thanksgiving:):)

  2. That cake looks divine (happy belated!!!) and I LOVE the red tights! The soup looks delicious too. I like that you made a healthy version :)


  3. Mmm, the soup! I just cook one for dinner. I put rice milk instead of cream and vegetable broth. I love it in chilly weather!

  4. I just got a recipe for pumpkin cheese cake. I'm going to try making it this weekend. The tomato soup looks perfect for a cold, rainy day.

  5. I love the red tights and boots combo - very cool! That soup looks so delicious too - I'm on such a soup kick at the moment!

  6. Hmm that pumpkin cheesecake looks amazing! hope you had a great birthday.

  7. Well, Happy belated Birthday to you! Share presents, right away! :D
    I rediscovered soup recently —yours looks rich indeed!