Monday, January 9, 2012

Blog Hiccup

Sleeping Kitty I

To all those who got a message saying "This blog has been removed" earlier today, I have no idea why that happened, but everything seems to be working now. It was really scary, actually, because I was completely locked out of my google account (email and everything). Fellow bloggers, take a minute today to back up your blog (Sonya wrote a handy how-to if you're not sure how to do this).

Today has been eventful to say the least. Also, it snowed!

(click on image to go directly to source)


  1. oh my. i have backed up my blog, but i am probably should do it on more regular basis.

    thanks for the reminder.

    sorry you had that stress today. pic of kitty holding head is too darn cute.

  2. That is scary! So glad it didn't delete your blog!

  3. That cat picture is so cute! I never even thought to back up my blog. I must consider this.

  4. It also snowed here too! Just a little but I'll take what I can get.