Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter Swap

Yes, believe it or not, I'm finally posting pics of the Easter gift swap that my friend Sonya of Kanelstrand was so kind to organize. At first, I was sketching designs for a slightly ambitious (given the time constraints) fold-out Easter card that had a papercut bunny on the front. But ultimately, I decided it would be better to make a flower brooch that could be worn and enjoyed for a long time, rather than a card that would, at most, be displayed for a few days.

My brooch went to Lori Sullivan--Lori, if you happen to see this post and have a blog or shop to link to, please let me know!

And here is the gorgeous hand-tatted cross I received from Ginger Webb (also, Ginger if you have a site to link to, please let me know). It's so lovely and intricate, don't you think? I've never tried tatting before, but this gift has definitely piqued my interest in the craft. I often joke that there's a little old lady who lives in my heart, and she was doing backflips over this cross. How amazing would it be to have a hand-tatted collar? I'm adding it to my infinite list of things to make and/or buy from Etsy...probably both.

Happy weekend, guys! Any fun plans? I'm actually quite sick as I write this and having a hard time staying vertical, so I'm guessing I'll be curled up watching old movies and drinking lots of tea this weekend, which isn't all that different from what I'd be doing anyway. :) xo, Mary


  1. Lovely items!My favorite is the card with the tatted cross!

  2. An Easter swap? You should've told me that this existed, because I would've joined in as well! That cross looks amazing and delicate. And, of course, you stitched a lovely brooch (remind me that I have to pick up a cupcake one from you for someone's birthday).

    1. Thanks, Dawn!! If I hear of any swaps I will definitely let you know next time! xo, Mary

  3. Oh Mary, what a beautiful brooch! I am sure Lori appreciated it! And because I am the first to see your post, I will tell you: Lori is the co-captain of the best team on etsy - Team EcoEtsy! Here is her shop: which is also featured in the May issue of The Studio :)

    Unfortunately I don't know much about Ginger except that she has made so happy with this intricate cross! I do have her email though, if you want to thank her yourself :)

    One more thing: Dawn, I am planning to organize another swap for Christmas, so get ready!