Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Never Have I Ever

I started to write another random facts post, and when I realized that the first couple were things I've never done, I just continued on with that theme...sort of like a game of "never have I ever" except without the drinking...unless you happen to be drinking while reading this, then by all means. :)

Never have I ever...

1. been to a drive-in movie theater.

2. seen the Pacific Ocean.

3. operated a lawn mower or done really any yard work at all.

4. been skiing.

5. eaten lobster.

6. thrown a party at my place (not including my parent's house).

7. been married.

8. had a professional pedicure.

9. gotten a tattoo.

10. written fan mail to a celebrity.

What are some random things you've never done?


  1. more than half are the same for me too... but you do have to see the beautiful Pacific :)

    what a fun post!

  2. Fun post :)
    I've never been to the drive-in either, but I would love to go someday!
    And I wish I'd never operated a lawn mower...I despise mowing the yard!

  3. Very interesting post! I have to think about it but I never spent a Christmas in New York but want a lot.

  4. When I was 14 I started a fan mail letter to James Van Der Beek (aka Dawson Leery) but never finished it or posted it so technically never have I ever sent fan mail :) Aside from that...never have I ever watched The Godfather, seen a shooting star or skinny dipped :) Great post!

  5. I've done 7 of the things on your list. I've never been Florida.

  6. Wow, I've done 8 of those things, haha. But I'll tell you the fan mail story because it's the most ridiculous. My sister and I are huuuuge Harry Potter fans, and back in high school we decided to write a letter to the director who was doing the 4th movie. We tried to convince him to make it a musical. We even picked out songs and everything. Obviously, he didn't listen to us. Never wrote back either...

  7. I have never eaten cavier or truffles.

    I love this idea

  8. I've never operated a lawn mower or done yard work either! And it's going to stay that way. I'm scared I'm going to mow over my toes somehow.
    Love your I never list!

  9. I've never been skiing either (except cross country). And I lived in Colorado, on a mountain, with a ski resort. Yep.

    You HAVE to see the Pacific. :)

  10. Hi, Mary. Stopping in from the Etsy Blog Team.

    Of the things on your list, I've also never gone skiing, gotten a tattoo (too chicken!) or written fan mail (I can barely find time to blog regularly). I live in California, having flown over the Pacific Ocean from the Philippines more than half my lifetime ago. I've also been married more than half my lifetime ago, and had to mow the lawn, just once, to see what that was like for my husband. It took me thirty minutes to cover a tiny area that takes him just ten.

    Hmm. I've gone skydiving and ziplining, and have been on a game show on TV in the sixth grade, but I've never gone bungee jumping. I've never had a dog. I've never been a boss. I've never been drunk, or lost my temper in an out of control way.

    I've never been to the east coast or Europe.

    Do try lobster, and raw oysters, too!

  11. See, now I would rather operate a lawn mower than get a pedicure. (Which is precisely why I have mowed the lawn but never had my toenails painted by anyone other than myself.) I have been to both oceans, and I've even seen the Indian ocean. Unfortunately, I was in a coach (bus, whatever) at the time and couldn't race over to it. So I have seen, but never touched, the Indiana ocean. I've also never been skiing. I've never been able to finish a beer (I'm a wine drinker, by far). And I've never wanted to own a dog.

  12. So funny! Again I see a few things that relate to myself and mostly I would say I haven't done them because I didn't want to, the professional pedicure for example.

    Never have I been to the US, or anywhere outside Europe (not counting the Canary Islands) but I wish I could just travel anywhere and stay for as long as I'd like.

  13. I highly recommend #2 and #8. You are definitely missing out. Of course, I am biased since I live near the Pacific Ocean, but still... And I am not a big fan of paying a lot of money for people to fawn over me, but a pedicure is a little slice of heaven every once in a while, especially if it's accompanied by a massage.