Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cuteness is my Kryptonite

Apparently, if you put a cute animal or pattern on something, I will buy it. At least that's what's been happening lately...and all the days of my life before that too. ;)

These little guys were staring at me from the shelves of the same store where I bought this pitcher. I had to take them home, right?

Everyone knows I love Orla Kiely, probably because I've posted about it approximately 5,000 times, give or take a few thousand. Unfortunately, I can't afford most of the lovely things she and her company create. So I get really excited whenever they do collaborations with other companies and brands. I got these method soaps at Target; I'm not sure if they are available wherever method is sold or only there.

And last, I got these storage boxes for my studio from IKEA. I think they may have been in the children's section, which incidentally, is where I find most things I like!

Have you found any cute things lately?


  1. Themes: owls, leaves, a dark-salmon color, a mustard color, teardrop-shaped items. Got it. :)

    Actually, those soaps do look really inviting. I would always love to try high scale soaps and shampoos and such but, as you said, too "'pensive."

  2. I have those Orla soaps :). Love the owl and fox mugs. And.... I bought stuff from the children's section at IKEA last weekend ;)

  3. Wait... I think you may have forgotten the "P" in Kryptonite. Which is just as well. Because, if you didn't, then you discovered a NEW ELEMENT. Damn, you're good, Mary. :)

  4. Love those storage boxes! I too am guilty of shopping in the childrens section of IKEA! They had this adorable froggy-lovers wall-light that I had to have and let me just say, I don't regret it!

  5. Those storage containers are awesome! I'm gonna have to hit up the kids section next time I shop too :)

  6. You sound like me with the cute animal effect. Love those storage boxes. They will be so handy for you.

    Happy Thanksgiving!