Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Day

I realized after I got dressed to go vote that I was wearing stars, stripes and red, white, and blue. On Election Day. And I didn't even plan it! The only thing I was thinking about when I was getting dressed was being comfortable because I didn't know how long I'd be standing in line.

A few things I want to remember for next time (and maybe you'll find helpful too):
1. If you think the line will be long enough that you might have to wait outside, bring something warm to drink and bundle up! (I actually wished I'd been wearing a thicker sweater).
2. Wear comfortable shoes so you can dodge the annoying people who try to influence your vote on the way in the door. (Honestly, if you don't know who you're voting for by this point, you probably shouldn't be voting at all because it's not an eenie meenie miney mo kind of thing).
3. Bring headphones for the wait. I forgot mine and regretted it. Too many people wanted to talk to me (see #2).
4. Bring your voter registration card. This one is technically not required (your ID should be sufficient), but they couldn't find my name on the list--I'm guessing since we had just moved in September) until I pulled out my registration card to show them, and my name miraculously appeared on a list at the bottom of the pile. It was like magic. Not really, but I think if I hadn't had my card, those women would've never found my name. They kept asking me what name I registered under. I was like, "The same one on my driver's license. The same one I've had since birth." I think they thought I was lying until I showed them proof that I was at the correct polling place.
5. Be thankful that you get to stand in line, be cold, get harassed, and suspiciously eyed by election volunteers. It means you get to vote! And a lot of people in the world can't do that.

I'm writing this while Peter is in the other room listening to the results come in. I can't really watch. By the time this post goes live tomorrow, I'm sure half the country will be celebrating and half the country will be drowning their sorrows. I, for one, will just be glad it's over. Hooray for no more political ads! :)


  1. The headphones are a good idea! That's the last place I want someone to give me their thoughts. Like you said, at that point, it's pretty clear who you're voting for.
    And I agree...I'm just glad it's over!

  2. Hahah, "the one I've had since birth." We don't have voter registration cards here, we just have to bring ID. I was worried about what the situation would be like with all of the new restrictions going around, so I brought like, 4 kinds.

    I'm glad it's over, too. Next time I'd like way fewer negative ads.

  3. Hey ;)

    this will probably be a weird thing to say, but.. for me you look a lot like one Lithuanian blogger :)

    1. Wow, I do think we look similar! I'll take that as a compliment because I dig her style. Thanks for sharing the link! :)

    2. yes, you do :) I follow your blog for a long time now and when you started to post pictures of yourself it made me really confused :D
      p.s. thanks for following my blog ;>

  4. Bringing headphones would have been great! Not too many people talked to me since my fiance and I went together - but it still would have been nice to listen to my audiobook to pass the time and avoid strangers with signs!

  5. Headphones are a must! Wish I took mine, instead i had to listen to people complain about how long the line was. They were more annoying than actually having to wait in line.

  6. I was very lucky I did not have to stand in line very long. I went super early to cast my vote. It was very cold yesterday so I made sure to bundle up just in case!

  7. I just voted for the first time this year (yay!) and I actually just sent mine in by mail- definitely the comfortable option:) And cute outfit! Thanks for visiting my blog!


  8. Good on you for voting :) Even though I live in Australia, I really appreciate it when Americans vote!! haha. I think it's got something to do with my politics nerdiness :P

    Thanks for all the lovely comments on my posts :) I especially like the part about my job being proving the doctors wrong. It made a big difference to my day - so also, thanks for being so rad!! :D Rhi xx

    The Wildest of Dreams

  9. I actually had Election Day off, so I got to stay home in my sweats (and, eventually, my jeans) to watch results come in. It was interesting; I was keeping up on the national election, but was also trying to see who was winning in Iowa (where I was, until recently, a resident) and Indiana (since that is where I work now). It's even crazier to know that the people who popped up on my screen are the same people I'm going to be working for, in my editorial job. It's just surreal.

  10. Also, I made it sound like I just stayed at home and watched TV. I voted; I just did an absentee ballot, because--at the time--I had no idea where I would be living.


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