Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stitched Gifts

I know a lot of you are planning on making gifts for the holidays, and when I came across this sweet book at the library, the timing seemed perfect for a book review. There are projects for newlyweds, babies, friends, and almost every occasion. Nothing is too complicated, and there's a handy stitch guide in the front to help you get started. Even if you are an experienced embroiderer, this book is worth buying because there are some really cute projects! And you never know when one project will spark an idea for another, and another, and so on.

All of the templates are in the back of the book, though several of them do need to be enlarged. I haven't actually tried out anything yet...it is a library book after all, and I'll probably buy it first if I decide to make anything. But I did read through several patterns from start to finish, and they seemed fairly straightforward.

I don't have any experience with embroidery patterns actually. Whenever I embroider anything, I usually just do it freehand or maybe draw on my fabric first and then embroider. Actually, I was very naive when I first began browsing on Etsy and thought everyone selling embroidered goods was also sewing freehand or even that they had drawn their own designs! I know now, of course, that a lot of people use transfer paper and trace designs or use that tear-away stabilizer. I was quite shocked when one lady selling embroidered goods who I follow on twitter made an off-hand joke about how she'd never been able to draw well. And I was confused at first, thinking, "How does she make anything if she can't draw?" Like I said, I was very naive!

There are Etsy sellers who do draw their own designs, of course, and they make gorgeous things. Anyway, drawing is definitely not a required skill for making fun embroidered gifts to give your family and friends, and this book is full of cute ideas. And if you don't care for embroidery but know someone who does, the book itself would be a perfect gift! :)

Have you guys come across any good books for crafty gifts? If you've done a book review, please link in the comments!


  1. This book looks wonderful! I will have to look for it!

  2. This book looks wonderful! I will have to look for it!

  3. wow, this book looks perfect ! <3
    looks like so many ideas! <3

  4. I love the personalized items! This actually has my wheels turning for wood/embroidered pieces! This could be a lot of fun!

  5. I've just learnt to embroider and will be making some (me-designed) gifts!

  6. ohhh, i'm so impatient for embroidering, which is a shame, because the outcome is always so pretty! these would really be lovely gifts. thank you for sharing these!

    i haven't read a lot of crafty girl books, but for the first time ever today, i picked up the martha stewart living holiday issue, and there were some impressive diy's... just sayin!

    xox, amber