Saturday, December 1, 2012

Making Lately + Shop Update

It's officially December now so there's no reason to be sheepish about embracing the holiday season in all it's glory. Time to pull out the tinsel and stockings! Eat gingerbread men and candy canes! And of course, put up the tree! Can you tell I'm excited? I know a lot of naysayers think Christmas is too commercial these days, but I somehow manage to avoid all that. Christmas has never lost it's magic for me; I love it just as much now as I did when I was little. And it has nothing to do with gifts, though I really do love buying and making gifts for family and friends. To me, Christmas will always be twinkly lights and candle glow, warm cocoa and cider, glittery ornaments, aromas of evergreens, cinnamon, and cloves, and a mix of excitement and wonder. Even as a cynical teenager, I couldn't help but be happy during this time of year. It's just the best.

And even though we haven't started decorating yet, I have been busy making lots of colorful ornaments. Here are just a few:

Modern snowflakes

Sweet scallops

And I made these yarn-wrapped trees to use as a photo prop. I made them in much the same way as I did this bottle vase. The only difference being that this time I started from the top instead of the bottom. I wanted to make a perfect little swirl on the top of the cone. All you need are Styrofoam cones from the craft store, some yarn, and regular craft glue (I used Elmer's). After I'm done using them for shop photos, they will go on the mantel with other Christmas things.

Here's how I used them to photo my ornaments. They're working out well.

There's lots more ornaments in my shop!

P.S. I've been listening to Christmas music while I sew. Here's the mix I made last year. Amazingly enough, most of the songs haven't dropped off that one yet. Happy listening!


  1. I can't believe it's already December! But I'm ready for the holidays. We don't do much gift giving anymore, but the holidays are all about family to me :) And my parents get here on the 15th...woohoo!!!
    Your ornaments are so cute!

  2. I love your ornaments-- they are so simple, bright, and fun. Our tree always have an interesting mish mash of similar type ornaments that are mostly handmade. It was that way growing up as a kid as well. Somehow I feel that the handmade ornaments cater more to the holiday spirit than to have the big box store ornaments. Either way, I'm super excited to get the one I ordered! I will have to take a photo of it in its new home once we get our tree. :)

  3. yay these are actually awesome <3

  4. I love the ornaments. We actually just bought our Christmas tree today and we'll be doing some decorating. I love this time of year. It definitely makes me feel like a kid again. I also like your snowflake ornament

  5. Very cute decorations! I've been listening to Christmas music too hehe.

  6. Your ornaments are cute and cheerful! Today I'll do some cleaning in preparation for decorating. :)

  7. those scallop ornaments are SO cute!

  8. Super gorgeous scallops...I think I keep coveting these...must get around to actually ordering some!

    Keep up your good's inspiring!

  9. I can't believe we're already in December, either. It's been so warm here it still feels like it should be October.

    I'm loving the modern snowflakes and scallops! I've never liked a ton of super traditional decorations, so these are right up my alley. Very cute!