Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Scenes from Life

This week's "Scenes from Life" is totally random...just funny or odd things I've come across lately.

A pair of sneakers on the sidewalk.

They had been nicely decorated with markers and sequins; it was a bit like coming across a time capsule of middle school.

Happened upon an old building that apparently was a meeting house for Boy Scout Troop 150 once upon a time.

We used to walk to this little bar to hear bands play when we lived down the street; it's tiny. I took this photo last weekend. The neighborhood's changed a lot since we moved (and becoming increasingly posh) so I'm wondering how much longer little places like this will last.

Saw this on the sidewalk in my neighborhood the last time we walked to get coffee. It's funny to me that he or she put the year, as if dating one's artwork. I wonder if this person knows it's still here all these years later.

This weird prism appeared on the wall one day; clearly, light was being reflected through something, but we couldn't figure out what. Maybe it was a ghost. ;)

Passed by this a few weeks ago, and it made me laugh. I'd never heard of them, but apparently, they are an all-female Led Zeppelin tribute band from New York.

These little mosaic mushrooms and surrounding plants looked like a tiny fairy tale forest. I half-expected a pixie or gnome to wander out from behind one of them.


  1. Love the picture of the garden cute.
    Your newest fan from the Etsy Blog Team!

  2. I love those mosaic mushrooms! And I adore scenes from everyday lives.

  3. Those sneakers are cute! I wonder who left them there?

  4. That prism is weird! I would've taken a picture of that business, too.

  5. Hi Mary,
    you've certainly captured some interesting scenes in your neighborhood! The path in the first picture looks exactly like ours - well, sans sneakers ;-)
    happy holidays to you and yours, best wishes

  6. HA! Totally love the smoke pot one & I love it even more from you said. I really hope they forgot about there teenage self writing that and one day run into it.