Thursday, February 28, 2013

Flickr Favorites

pelas cores #1... My little monster gang three pátio da quintinha Untitled Untitled

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  1. Love those pointed arches!

    I've been seeing the date on everybody's posts today, and I just can't believe it's the last day of February. Aaaaah!

  2. Love the photo of the little girl. Kites are so magical don't you think? Also I feel like I have been gone for a bit, so I hope all is good! :)


  3. I am trying to decide which I love more.
    In many ways they all have a ton of my favorite things.
    Beautiful loud colors, innocent fun, and are all so alive.
    Okay my first fav. is #4, second fav. is # 1 and 3rd is #5

  4. Beautiful! The last one of the little girl is so sweet.

  5. The red and blue together in the first photo is great!

  6. Favorites: the first one and the one with the yellow and the chair. Why? Because it's old. Peeling. Something. And I have a healthy (unhealthy?) relationship with those sorts of things.