Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sharing and things

The lovely Jane tagged me with the versatile blogger award. I'm terrible at following all the rules that come with accepting these sorts of internet badges, like nominating 15 other blogs or whatever. But it has been a while since I did a random facts post, and those are always here you go:

1. I'm an excellent secret keeper and confidant. I sort of learned the hard way growing up that most other people are not similarly inclined.

2. The older I get, the more I realize I will probably never be like most other people, and that's ok.

3. My dad just sent me an article (a real article cut out of a real newspaper-they still make those!) about a couple who got married after being together for 30 years, not sure if that was a not-so-subtle hint to me and Peter or not, but that leads me to this point: I am a professional at putting things off, like for a really really long time. Some people may think they know how to procrastinate, but they are amateurs. (FYI, this is partly (mostly) in jest.)

4. One of my biggest fears is that I'll put off doing the things I know I'm meant to do in this life until it's too late to do them. (not jesting at all here)

5. I was once stuck on an elevator and had to be pulled out between floors by firefighters. After that experience, I never get on an elevator without a cellphone.

6. I hate coconut in most forms. Once when I was little, I won a cake walk and got to pick a cake. I picked one shaped like a bunny because it was so cute. I couldn't wait to get home to eat it, only to find out it was coconut inside and out, which turned out to be the worst thing to my tiny taste buds ever. It was tragic. I've grown to tolerate coconut as an adult, but I still don't really like it.

7. I love to stare out windows and could do it for hours; I think I must be part cat.

Why photos of my bird mobile? I haven't taken any photos of myself that haven't already been posted here a bunch of times (unless you count phone pics), and I'd much rather look at my pretty mobile anyway.


  1. hahaha.. a professional procrastinator. I don't believe it.

    I really love the newspaper article hint. I don't get hints, suggestions, or anything anymore. I think this past Christmas nixed that with folks when we didn't have a big announcement. That being said..I'm going to be a Spinster with a boyfriend.(Is that possible?)

    Getting pulled out of an elevator between the floors sounds terrifying and exciting at the same time. Like in a movie. (I seriously watch too many movies).

    You can never take never take too many photos of yourself. Loved reading a bit more about you.

  2. I also loved reading a little bit more about you:) I can totally relate to #4..I am also a huge procrastinator and share this fear with you..although sometimes I feel it's more of a feeling of impending guilt than a fear for me..i don't know why.
    I agree with Eyelah..never too many photos of yourself! I also need to work on this;) Congrats on the versatile blogger award!;)

  3. Hahaha, "but they are amateurs."

    It's interesting, I don't worry about running out of time to do things, I worry that I'll never accomplish anything great at all. I think because my first career trajectory was such an epic fail, I'm a little paranoid about success now. And I don't mean that I need to make millions of dollars and hire a butler, I just mean that I want to do something memorable.

    Aaaaand now that I've been a huge downer, let's talk about coconut! I love it. We actually drink coconut milk instead of the regular stuff.

  4. Your mobile is so cute :)
    Being different is great...I'd much rather be myself than try to fit in with anyone :)
    Jesse and I have been together for 13 years, maybe after 30 we'll get!

  5. I tried to think of something sarcastic to say about showing us a photo of your mobile instead of yourself, but I couldn't think of anything that fit well enough... so yeah. Mobile. I actually really like it. I don't know how to quite mix the words "whimsical" and "nature," but it's you. ("Whimture" and "Nastical" are just terrible portmanteaus.)

    I enjoyed reading this little things about you! I'm really enjoying getting to know you better. Like you, I'm not a fan of coconut. In fact, I despise it. For Valentine's Day, my aunt gave me a box of it. Unfortunately, the box was not labeled. So the first one I took out and bit into was coconut. Oh so disappointing.

    Staring out windows is what the cool kids do. It gives you practice for when you're 80, old and wrinkled, and stare and spy on the misbehaving neighborhood children.

  6. This post is cool, Mary.

    On # 2, I agree with this. It is my prayer that I grow stronger in just being myself. whatever that is.

    on #5, I have been taking the stairs a lot lately. I keep telling myself that when I am old with arthritis and all those gifts that old age brings, I will then have earned the right to ride the elevator in style. Now, when I get lazy, I will remember that it is possible to get stuck in the elevator. I don't ever want to go through what you went through. Scary.

    On #6 LOVE coconuts. Used to have two lovely coconut trees in our front yard. Ah the good old days.

    I do agree with all the previous comments: the bird mobile is awesome.