Thursday, March 14, 2013

Scenes from Life

It's been forever since I did a scenes from life post. I guess the Instagram wrap-ups are sort of the same thing, but I do still take photos with real cameras, I promise.

These photos are all from last weekend. We had nice weather on both days, and in between working on my shops and boring chore-type activities, Peter and I actually got outside! To see actual sunlight and trees and stuff. On both days!

Saturday, we went to my favorite garden down the street, where nothing is really blooming yet, but it was still very pretty. And there were lots of cute dogs and toddlers and all that good stuff. (No pictures of the dogs or toddlers. I always really want to take photos, especially when those two things collide, as they did last Saturday, but I'm not sure if that's a creepy thing to do...taking photos of other people's children? There was a hilarious encounter between a little Asian boy and a Shih Tzu. Also, a little kid riding a tricycle got stuck in a small dip in the pavement and just looked around and no one helped him out. It was kind of hilarious and cute and sad all at the same time.) Anyway, on to pretty pictures.

Turtles looking up at me. I think I might have been interrupting some sort of mating ritual actually. Haha.

On Sunday, we went down by the water, and by water I mean the Potomac River, which is just a few minutes away.

Boats on the water.

Boats not on the water.

Little boats.

Big boats.

People seem to really like green and red when it comes to boats. And blue too.

I love ducks.

There were lots of gulls out too.

Pretty sure this gull was getting ready to dive bomb this sailboat.

 I don't know what these trees are called with the white bark, but they sure are pretty.

Ok, I actually took more photos, but I think I'll stop there. I'm sure you were all enthralled with my caption-writing skills.

xo, Mary


  1. Lovely photos! Heh, I have the same dilemma of taking photos of other people's kids... it shouldn't feel creepy, bit it kinda does. Sometimes. x)

    xx Kaisa

  2. Are they birch trees? I love all of the photos of the water and the bridge! So pretty! :)

  3. nice photos... I don't think you were interrupting the turtles. Those turtles don't particular care for humans so they are always jumpy around them. I like the bit about taking pictures of babies. I think the same thing when I'm out and I see a cute kid. It's just kind of creepy to have a random picture of someone else's kid that you don't know.

  4. Beautiful photos! Love them all, it's a wonderful place.

  5. I'm so ready to see blooms, but there is something so serene and beautiful about bare trees! And I agree with Kristen...I think they're birch.

    Love the close ups of the sailboats and canoes!

  6. Hahaha, I'm laughing about the poor kid on the trike.

  7. I am absolutely laughing. "I like ducks. Big boats. Little boats." They made me laugh even more when you mentioned your caption-writing skills. Personally, I hate seagulls. They're noisy and a pain. Freakishly, there was a seagull in downtown Indy a week or so ago, dive-bombing everyone, trying to kill people. Plotting. Being evil. You know. Also, I like the canoe photo. We should totally buy our own canoe and paint it purple. And cover it with glitter, just to be obnoxious.