Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Birds

It's been forever since I did a shop update, so I thought I'd do a quick post with a few things I've added to My Hideaway lately.

Three pretty birds all in a row. I love making these colorful creatures, and I expect I'll probably make a few more before I move on to something else.

What have you been making lately?


  1. Those birds are so cute! I've been making more pleated pouches but I'm thinking of making pleated wristlets and possibly some tote bags. I'm having a bit of a creative slump so I probably should take a break.

  2. O my gosh...I love love love this! Did you draw those sweet collars?? The way the colored birds look against the simple black and white line drawings are fabulous....
    Bravo! gorgeousness
    Sarah AtticLace

  3. these bird pins are so cute! i love little homemade pins.

    lindsey louise

  4. I love the pattern of these guys! Any bird in particular you based it on? I'm not sure which color combination I like best, though the last one kind of reminds me of a peacock. ... actually, I'd love to see your take on a peacock.

  5. Love you birds, fantastic colors!!

  6. Those birds are just perfect for springtime, super adorable! I have been trying to give a simple H&M dress a makeover for spring. Let's see what comes of that.

    xx Kaisa

  7. How pretty! I love all the different color combos!

  8. Love the birds. Can't really pick a favorite, great colors for all of them!