Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bits of March

Surprisingly, March was filled with lots of time outdoors...surprisingly because it was much colder than average, and it seemed like winter would never end. I think I was determined to find signs of spring anywhere and also wanted to soak up as much sun and warmth as I could find.

Made some birdies; found a worry doll in my coat pocket when we were out for a walk; fell in love with this coffee/tea set but sadly left it behind as it was too expensive; and me wearing lots of brights and almost matching my phone.

Peter by the water; a cute shop with happy spring colors and lots of pots; really blue skies one day that looked so warm but weren't; and learning about growing things/making plans.

A pretty sunset; took this photo the day after we turned the clocks and was happy/elated/amazed that it was still light out when I was driving home; me wearing stripes and pretty excited that I only needed one sweater that day (I thought spring would be here at last, but no, we still got more snow after this day); and another shot driving home at 7:30 or so a couple days later and it's even lighter out.

Saw these pretty cherry blossoms right before it snowed again; drove way down in the country of VA for a funeral and saw several trains, horses, a feed store, etc.; daffodils on a sunny day; and a zig-zaggy trail in a park.

How was your March?


  1. Really pretty shots! I love that you found a worry doll in your pocket. :) I feel the exact same way you do about spring and longer days. I just wish the weather would stay warm!

  2. Aw, a stranded worry doll!
    As an introvert, I like your introvert self portraits. :)

    My march was much like yours... I insisted on basking in whatever little spring there was, and ignore the cold.

  3. March? Was it? I didn't notice. I feel like I've skipped a month in its entirety :) Yesterday was maybe the first springlike day just because I went walking in a park nearby. It was cloudy, but I saw horses, ducks and some coypu. Pretty nice!

  4. Love these pics! March came and went so fast that I can't even tell you how it was, except cold.

  5. How wonderful to find a worry doll! Mine are still in their bag because I worry I'll lose them other wise...!
    March was an odd month for me, of stops and starts, and mostly stops. I got a few things done but have felt so very cold, am looking forward to some warmth. Soon. Please!

  6. Love your coat...and how fun to find the worry doll in there :)
    The cherry blossoms and daffodils look so great...I'm glad Spring is finally here!!!

  7. Beautiful pictures as always. My March has been very similar - bitterly cold with me defiantly heading out at all opportunities done up like an eskimo!

  8. I love this idea of summarizing the month in photos! And yours are beautiful!
    And my March was busy and over way too quickly.

  9. I love your coat! My march was a gloom and doom month. I'm sure it's because of lack of exercise and crappy weather. I'm trying to be more upbeat and get back into exercising especially since it's getting warmer.

  10. Lovely photos! Here we had a super cold month with a big storm - then suddenly 60 degree weather for a few days! It was great, but now back to the rain and wind.