Friday, May 3, 2013

Bits of April

Flowers inside and out. The tulips in the top left pic just popped up in the middle of the yard one day, no idea how that happened. Pink and white blossoms on trees in my favorite park. And brooches I made.

Weather that made no sense as evidenced by these outfits. We went from winter, to spring, to summer, and back to spring all in one week. (Btw, wearing shorts in April is just unnatural.)

We bought some cute pots and a watering can at IKEA. Went shopping for house plants and ordered seeds for the yard (sunflowers and herbs to start). And cleaned up the yard a lot. We finally dug up the remaining concrete supports left from the previous owner's garden shed (and by "we" I mean Peter obvi), and we found some treasures buried nearby, like this handmade turtle. It has the name "Thara" carved on the underside and reminds me so much of sweet things I made in elementary school. We are keeping it, of course.

Easter candy treats when I was sick...actually still sick mostly. Took a walk on a sunny day. I don't know if you can see clearly in the photo but i love when stoops have these cutouts underneath, like a little tunnel. The prettiest pouch I ordered from Ayla. And I love the light and shadows that come into the living room/dining room late in the day.

We're hoping to get a lot of stuff done on the house in May, so stay tuned. :)


  1. I was eyeballing that same pouch from Ayla. You beat me to it! :-)

    Also, where are those shorts from? They're a good length.

    1. They are the perfect length! So hard for tall girls to find shorts that aren't embarrassingly short. I got them at Banana Republic on super sale a couple years ago, but I think they have a similar style every year. Hard to tell in this photo but they're actually navy and have cute buttons on the side to hold up the it called a cuff on shorts? Haha. You know what I mean. :)

  2. All beautiful! Love the shorts too and the flowers...

  3. Turtle!! Thanks for the shout-out. Also I'm digging the new flowers in your shop.

  4. I love your different photos! Don't you love how fickle Spring can be? Mother Nature can be so moody.

    Visiting from Aloha Friday Blog Hop


  5. Wah!!! Love that pouch from Ayla!!!

    and the turtle..........a must keep for sure. Hope you're feeling a little better. that's a long time to be sick

  6. You got me with the skirt and tights and stripes! That looks so playful and fun. Perhaps it is"unnatural "for one to wear shorts in April, but it does look very natural on you,Mary!

    Your new felt flowers are beautiful and we both know I envy your new pouch.

  7. I love all your different weather outfits (same happened here), the handmade turtle treasure, and the tunnel-under-stoop. It's always in the details for me too.

  8. My eye is jumping around, from your pretty brooches, to the mini bridge,to the handmade turtle —what an unusual little friend!
    I'm slowly catching up with your blog, so you must be feeling much better by now. I'm off to read some more! :)