Tuesday, June 18, 2013

One Photo Every Hour (or Thereabouts) - Saturday

I have always thought it would be nice to do a "photo every hour" post, if for no other reason than to remember what I did on a given day. I guess most people would choose a day when they had something fun planned, but I happened to think of it last Saturday when I woke up, which turned out to be a very ordinary day. Anyway, enjoy. (Some photos taken with my phone, some with my camera.)

9 am
Get out of bed. I water plants and make coffee while Peter mows the lawn. (Also, I notice the clock on the coffeemaker is wrong.)

10 am
The chimney repair guys show up way early to do their estimate, which is awesome because Peter is still cutting the grass, and I just got out of the shower.

11 am
I finish getting ready.

Polka dots, check. Freckles, check.

12 - 4-ish pm
Studio time.

I finish this custom giant schnauzer brooch, edit photos, sketch a bit, and start a hot pink dinosaur brooch.

5 pm
We want iced coffee so we head over to Starbucks.

We decide to drive to some shops nearby and browse a used bookstore. There's always a few titles I'm on the lookout for.

 6 - 7 pm
Walking/browsing shops.

Peter making funny faces while he reads. He is unaware of this. I found a few books that were tempting but only walked out with one.

Does this count as street art? lol

I love this firehouse dog. I took some more photos when we walked around, which I'll probably post later.

8 pm
We pick up pizza on the way home.

I check out my new book. This was recommended to me by a few people so I thought I'd give it a shot. Also this copy was in excellent shape (looked like it had never even been opened) so I figured if I don't love it, I can always pass it on to my mom or donate it to the library.

9 pm
I work on Etsy stuff...make a listing, respond to convos, etc.

11 pm
Catching up on season 7 of Dexter. We don't get movie channels so I always have to wait for Netflix to get the dvds. I'm about halfway through.

1 am - I pass out.

I didn't get photos of everything. For example, breakfast and lunch happened in there somewhere and also other things I was working on in my studio. Maybe I'll try this again some day. It actually did make me think to look at the clock more often than I usually do, which is probably a good thing for someone who tends to get absorbed in tasks and lose track of time.

Thanks for spending the day with me! ;)


  1. I love this! And it looks like a perfect day. I love it when I get leisurely weekend days like this. You should do more of these posts!

  2. Such a great post! I might steal this idea from you (if that's ok). I like the street art, your pizza looks delicious and I can not wait for the new season of Dexter to start.

    1. Of course! It's not really my idea anyway. :)
      I'd love to see a photo every hour from you!

  3. Aww..poor Peter. Disturbing the peace while he's trying to read. Your day sounded so relaxing! It was very beautiful Saturday. I was so happy to have the day off.

  4. Love it, what a fun post! Sure looks like a fantastic day!

  5. Looks like the perfect, leisurely Saturday! We have the same exact coffee maker too, by the way. :) Seems very similar to our Saturday routine. Coffee, get ready, do things around the house, head out and about, grab dinner, and then be lazy for the rest of the night.

  6. Love this, maybe should also give it a try! Looks like you had a really eventful day. Plus the photos are just great! xx


  7. Great idea for a post. "A day in the life" sort of thing that allows us to see how ordinary we all are, because a perfect day is the same for almost any one of us. Does that make us all ordinary or extraordinary?

  8. What a fun idea for a post :)
    I could do one, but you might get tired of seeing my computer or laser for 10 hours...lol!

  9. Such a fun and creative idea!

  10. I love posts like this! It's fun to see how differently people spend their time.

    Our Saturdays tend to be pretty similar when we don't have any specific plans. Get up, clean the house, then run errands, end up going to a restaurant or getting takeout. How did things go with the chimney?

  11. Yay! That was fun. Thank you for letting me tag along!
    We lost each other in the bookstore for a bit, but I caught up with you again when I heard talk of pizza. ;)