Friday, August 9, 2013

Today's Finds

Trio design by limoceramics from milimbo

Frame handbag with shoulder strap by octopurse

1960s mod dress from Vera Vague

Polymer clay necklace by Floti

The Ruthless Ambition Of Non-Favorite Grandparents - original painting by The Mincing Mockingbird

I would love to have all of these things, as usual. If you haven't been to Etsy lately, there have been a few changes to the look of item pages, which should make buying and browsing a bit easier. I actually need to tweak a few things in my listings, which I'll probably be working on over the weekend. And I have a few sweet brooches to add also. Stay tuned! :)


  1. I adore the illustrations on the trio designs!

  2. Once again, a lovely collection. I love the color story here as always. That last painting is amazing, not to mention that winner of a title;) awesomeness

  3. What a cute purse :)
    And quite an original title for the bird!

  4. The clutch is so cute!!! I also like the bird painting. I would rather have that than actual birds.

  5. That ceramic container set is amazing! It almost looks like a thermos. Definitely adding that one to my wish list.

  6. I love those ceramic containers, amazing shape and illustration. It's on my wishlist!

  7. The container set and the parrots just made my morning. Also, the name of the painting is delightful.