Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Clockwise from top left: Landscape photograph by Lucy Snowe; Lines II original watercolor painting by Louise van Terheijden; Owlet paper sculptures by Kaper - Kate Kelly; "Sepia Pots" print by Francesca Whetnall; and "Almond Jar" print by Briana Taylor.

I was thinking about a lot of ideas when I put together this collection...the calming effect of still lifes (and also nature as still life), harmonious compositions and groupings of objects, and of course, building a color story. I'm in a contemplative mood these days, more than usual even, and this collection is just what I need today.

It's good to give your mind a momentary rest from mid-week craziness and just look at something beautiful, no?


  1. Those owls are adorable <3

  2. lovely the owls and watercolor print!

  3. That's a lovely collection, my favourite is the one on the bottom.

    This weekend I'll try to squeeze in a visit to the library, trying to find some Hitchcock goodness over there.

  4. Beautiful collection Mary! Very calming. I love the tree photograph. These are the kind of colors that make me feel the most at ease.