Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Weekend

On Saturday morning, I packed up this cute fox brooch to go to someone who bought it for a friend. Isn't that sweet?

After the post office, we stopped at our favorite diner for brunch. I had grilled cheese and french fries, and everything was super delicious. Our waitress gave us frequent diner cards, which is awesome and hilarious and proof that we are 80-years-old. I get a special something on my birthday, which I'm really excited about. :)

We bought some new plants, including this kalanchoe. I love the shape of those leaves so much.

I also got a snake plant for this corner. And that London print is waiting to be hung on the wall up there at some point...still slowly making our way through the house "to do" list.

We also got some new orange mums to go on either side of the front porch. The red mums that were there are now living on the back porch.

How happy and cute are those flowers?

We decided to go to a nearby trail to see if the leaves had changed yet. Most of the trail was still green, but a few trees here and there were in full autumn glow, as you can see in these photos.

On Sunday, we went to the rose garden, but I'll save that for another post since this post is already a bit pic-heavy. And I have some new Etsy stuff to show you too. :)

Hope everyone's week has gotten off to a good start!


  1. OMG this brooch <3

  2. You had a magical weekend. Your brunch sounds freaking awesome. Yep, embrace your diner-love...you have many happy years of diner-loving ahead of you! If you are ever in the Vancouver area, I have some diner tips for you!

  3. Grilled cheese is the best invention ever! Together with fries ofcourse :-)

  4. Your fox brooch is so cute :)
    Sounds like a great weekend!

  5. photos look great!! You're aren't an old lady for going to the same diner. Ryan and I went to a diner on Sunday and its the same one we go to all the time. They have some amazing pancakes.

  6. Lovely! We're already past peak here with the leaves. And I can never say no to diner food. :) I wish my diner had some kind of frequent diner card, they have the best French Toast!~

  7. Lovely pictures! I love fall and how the leaves change to those brilliant and beautiful colors! I had a pretty productive weekend myself! Your broach is so cute whomever receives that will be thrilled! :)

  8. You guys always have the nicest, most relaxing weekends!

  9. I love how often you guys buy plants. Or go to places that have a lot of them. Those changing leaves are gorgeous. I've finally been seeing some bigger areas changing at the arboretum, but there's still so much green! Weird for this late in the year.