Friday, October 25, 2013

Scenes from (a Colorful) Life

Can you guess this week's color? :)

That teenage mutant ninja turtle doll was perched on the front of the little golf cart thing that they use to cart plants around at the garden. I guess he's an unofficial mascot for the grounds crew?  I have no idea why he has a pacifier on each arm though. My only guess is that they were left behind, and Michelangelo is holding them for safe keeping until the babies come back.

A lot of these photos were taken in the summer, and though we do still have some green left around here, the leaves have begun to change. We are actually hoping to drive out and spend a little time this weekend under some golden, orange, and red canopies. We had originally planned to drive toward the mountains south of us, but when we finally had time to do it, we realized we had already missed the peak. The peak in DC comes a little later as we are at a much lower elevation and close to the water, so we should still have a few weeks left to enjoy the color.

What are you guys up to this weekend?


  1. the Ninja Turtle :) And the colorful building is great. Those canoes make me want one more month of summer to get out and enjoy the river!

  2. The Ninja Turtle did make me wonder . . . Really nice photos--so striking! I hope you get to see fall color soon!

  3. My favorite color! I love ivy growing up walls, and the teal door is fabulous, I painted my front door that color too!

  4. ooh, I especially like all those colorful canoes!

  5. I love the first building and the one with the green door and the secret pass-through. So pretty.

    We're not up to much this weekend- mainly working on the kids' Halloween costumes. Have fun with the foliage!