Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Shop Update!

Here are a few new things I added to the shop last week:

"Cat Dreams" pocket notebook

"Dutch Houses" pocket notebook

And this Airedale Terrier brooch is back after a long hiatus.

Packing up an order...One of my Halloween brooches.

And here's a little card I made to go with a Halloween brooch someone awesome ordered. I still have 3 Halloween brooches left if anyone wants them! :)

I'll be adding more new stuff later this week, and believe it or not, I've already got some Christmas ornaments to start listing soon.


  1. I have majorly failed at adding anything new to my shop! My bad. You've been on a roll, though! I think my favorite here is the Dutch houses notebook.

  2. Love the kitty notebook :) Can't wait to see your ornaments!

  3. The Cat Dreams notebook is so lovely!

  4. Love the new notebooks, and I am looking forward to seeing the christmas stuff!

  5. Super cute <333 X Anna


  6. I love the little dog brooch! All of your new stuff is so much fun!