Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Shop Update!

I decided to go ahead and list some ornaments last weekend; if there's one thing I've learned from selling on Etsy, it's that you can never start too early listing holiday items.

I still have more in the works that will be coming soon. And I still have to photo and list a few other brooches too.

I would have Christmas decorations up year-round and probably never get sick of them; Christmas is my favorite holiday by far. But I'm making a lot of my ornaments colorful and not-so-Christmasy that you could hang them up year-round if you wanted to without running the risk of looking like the neighborhood crazy lady who never takes down the holiday decorations...every neighborhood has one, right?

I will have a couple more traditional Christmas ornaments too. And you don't have to get a tree to display ornaments. A couple of years ago, Peter and I decided not to get a tree, and I made a garland out of felt ornaments. And I've seen lots of diy trees out of recycled cardboard or making a tree shape on the wall with washi tape and taping up the ornaments on it. Or you could make a tree shape out of the ornaments themselves, without the tape. The possibilities are endless.


  1. So lovely! Beautiful colors. The first is my favorite :)

  2. If I ever have enough space for a tree, I'll keep these in mind! I love that the last one on the left looks like a little lemon (I like lemons, so that's a good thing:-)

  3. I sent you a tweet, but wanted to say again how fun these designs are. Nice job!

  4. I love your ornaments and of course I love MY ornament that I have from you. I can't wait to put it up on my tree.

  5. Love your snowflake ornaments! I've already started selling a few ornaments, so it's never too early!
    And I love your idea of the ornament garland! I haven't had a chance to set up our tree for like 3 years now. I might have to go with the garland instead :)