Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cute Holiday DIYs

I was going to schedule this post for Monday, but it occurred to me that today is Saturday, the day when most people actually have time to do DIYs, and a lot of people are stuck inside due to nasty weather today, are a few good ways to pass the time and make cute things.

Mr. Printables does it again with this adorable Christmas tree dollhouse. I love everything about it.

How cute are the little peg dolls and furniture made to go inside the dollhouse? (This tutorial really makes me wish I didn't live so far from my niece and nephews. And I won't see them this year for the holidays either - boo.)

This crocheted string of Christmas lights is the best thing ever. (I really want to make this at some point. I probably won't have time until after the holiday rush is over, but I would happily hang this year-round, so I'm not bothered that it might be after the holidays for me.)

This reindeer tutorial is perfect should you find yourself trapped at home today without any craft supplies (the horror!). All you need are a couple of toilet paper rolls, some tape, and paint or markers. This one would be good for kids to help out with too.

And last, but not least, is this awesome video tutorial for soda can ornaments...another good one if you have few craft supplies on hand because all you need are a couple of empty soda cans and paper clips or wire. We aren't really soda drinkers, but I might raid my neighbors recycling bin for this one. There are a lot of bright and pretty cans this time of year.

I haven't done any DIYs (nope, not a single one) since my Halloween bat garland. But I'm going to rectify that soon because I really miss playing around with new materials. And I think one of the best ways to get new ideas for future projects is to experiment and make stuff that you don't usually make.

My plans for the day include packing up orders, wrapping presents, and possibly making a few new things for the shop while watching a Christmas movie or two. What are you guys up to?


  1. I need to learn how to crochet, so I can make those christmas lights :-)

  2. verrrry cool, these are all so original, I love it! Good finds:)

  3. Excuse me for not having the time to write more but I am making those awesome reindeer and the crocheted Christmas lights!

  4. Those Christmas lights make me wish I know how to cute!