Monday, January 20, 2014

20 Random Questions

These internet lists are really entertaining for me because they remind me of the kind of stuff you'd do in 9th grade when you were bored in study hall. I don't know who makes up these questions...probably a teenager in some other country who's bored in study hall. ;)

Post a picture from last summer.

What have you done today?
Writing this on far not much. Have managed to get dressed and turn on the computer, so things are looking good. Actually, Peter was sick all night long, so that means I basically didn't get any sleep either. We were supposed to do something fun in DC today, but what can you do? I'll probably just work on stuff for the shop or read.

What is the last thing you googled?
Probably TMI, but symptoms of food poisoning. This is very helpful (and funny) should you need a reference some day.

What did you buy last?
Art supplies and coffee.

What was your best subject in school?
English and Art

What's your favorite fruit?
I think I've mentioned before that I prefer fruit in either smoothies or juices, or better yet, desserts. Mmmm, pie. So it's hard for me to pick just one, but adding strawberries to just about anything makes it taste better, so I'll say strawberries.

What's your favorite vegetable?
I like pretty much all vegetables. I guess spinach? It's easy to add to a lot of dishes, and it's super good for you.

What's your favorite cheese?
So many food questions. Again, I like pretty much all types of cheese (except the super moldy and smelly ones). So I'll pick cheddar. It's a good all-around cheese.

What's the best porridge?
Did I wake up in a Dickens' novel? No porridge.

What's the most serious crime you've ever committed?
Not being as kind or understanding as I could've been to a couple of people in the past, which is much worse than any misdemeanors I may or may not have committed. All of my mischief and unlawful activity happened well before I was 18, anyway, so I don't have to say-haha. And more importantly, I never got caught. ;)

What was your last message on Facebook?
I'm not on Facebook.

What song are you listening to?
Funny question because I found mix tapes from high school when I was at my parent's, and I'm listening to one right now; Waiting Room by Fugazi just came on. Warm fuzzies all over the place listening to this tape-lol. And yes, I still have a stereo that plays tapes.

If you could be anywhere right now where would you be?
I would go back in time and be in my grandparent's house, lying on the sofa in the family room, watching prisms dance on the wall from the crystal hanging in the window, listening to my grandmother play the piano while my grandfather tinkers in the garage.

Best conversation in a cab?
Can't say that I've had too many great conversations in cabs...usually just about the weather or news or whatever. But once a cab driver did help me out in a huge way. I was moving out of my flat in London and had called a cab to pick me up to take me to a hotel where I was supposed to stay for two days. I had three huge, heavy bags and couldn't carry them all at once. The cab never showed up. I waited for half an hour and no other cabs came by to flag down either. I didn't have a cell phone and the nearest pay phone was two blocks away. I had my stuff inside the vestibule with the door propped open, but I was afraid to leave it there and walk to the pay phone because if another tenant came out or went in, they would shut the door (and lock my stuff inside). But I didn't want to just leave it on the street either. So I asked the super nice old men who worked at the tiny produce mart right next door if they would watch my stuff (they knew me a little because I went in there every week). I dragged it over next to their fruit stand and started walking to the pay phone.

A cab pulled up right as I was about to cross the street and this super nice old guy helped me get all my stuff in and took me to the hotel. He helped me get all my stuff inside. Then, I found out that the hotel was overbooked, and I no longer had a room. Once again, I was dragging my stuff out to the street. The same cab driver pulled around again and picked me up and said "Don't worry, love. I know a little place 'round the corner." He took me to this little inn (and didn't charge me), and helped me get all of my stuff inside again. It was one of those old inns where you have to share a bathroom, and I had to drag my stuff up three flights of stairs, but it was clean and cheap and most importantly, they had a room. What followed in the days after was eventful too, but that's another story. Suffice to say, it's nice that there are good people out there when you really need them.

What's the last secret someone told you?
Ummm, well I can't really say if it's a secret, can I? But the last time Peter and I were facetiming with my niece (who's 7), she took us to her favorite hiding place in her house that no one knows. I know her parents aren't reading this blog (and her younger brothers can't read yet anyway), but still, I'm sworn to secrecy so I can't tell you. ;)

Where will you go on your next vacation?
Don't know, but I definitely want to take some road trips this year, maybe a train trip too.

What were you doing one year ago today?
Probably the same thing I'm doing now.

When did you last get jealous of someone?
I honestly can't remember; it doesn't happen often. I'm not a competitive person at all; it's just not my nature.

What's your latest obsession?
I'm not really one to burn hot and cold with the things I like. But I will say I'm happy that Downton Abbey is back on the air.

Post a picture of a place that makes you happy.

Hope everyone in the US is enjoying a three-day weekend, and everyone else, hope Monday treats you well. xo, Mary


  1. Ha, porridge?! I didn't realize people were calling it that somewhere in the world. And I was stressed out for you reading the London tale. It's ridiculous that I'm so dependent upon my cell phone now, but when you said you didn't have one in the story, I was like, "How did people DEAL?" By finding nice old men, that's how. Haha.

  2. Criminal acts?? You rebel. I also love strawberries. They are the only berry I can eat without an allergic reaction and I personally believe they make everything taste delicious!

  3. Haha, I want to know what serious crimes you have committed! Honestly, I'm right there with you. I'm not a rebel of any sorts and probably the most serious crime I've ever committed was getting caught on cam trying to beat an orange light. Seriously. I'm lame or something. I was always mischievous as a child and did some really silly things in high school with a group of mischievous and adventurous friends, but nothing unlawful.

    I also love your cab driver story. We had a similar stranger to the rescue even in Venice while trying to find our hotel at 11pm while I was visiting Andrew during his time abroad in college. It is amazing how kind people can be. Those sorts of things act as a constant reminder that humanity is not as bad as it can be painted out to be.

  4. Art supplies and coffee...what more could a person ask for :)
    Love your cab story! Not too many cabs here in my area, so I'd have a hard time with that one.

  5. I love learning more about you through these open windows in your everyday.

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