Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Scenes from Life

A few pictures from inside and outside (and inside and outside, and so on) from the past few days. So thankful for warmth and light, cozy blankets and coffee.

I've been washing and sorting some china I inherited from my great aunt and grandmother. There's something so comforting about having these stacks on my dining room table.

And I've been working on a few craft projects that I'll share soon. xo, Mary


  1. That china is beautiful. Do you know who made it?

    I've been spending a lot of time indoors over the past week, too. Aside from a quick trip to the post office and the notary to get something stamped, we've been here. I might try to leave for longer today because I'm getting stir crazy.

  2. Gorgeous as always. I hope you're staying warm! ♥

  3. What a gorgeous family heirloom! I love pretty china :-) If my kitchen would have been bigger, I guess it would be full of plates and cups and saucers!

  4. Lovely photos especially the indoor ones. Looks very cold outside...stay warm!