Friday, February 7, 2014

Let's Take a Walk

I woke up early one day last week, and instead of rolling over and sinking back into sleep, I decided to get up and take a walk in the park. I got there just as the sun was rising and pretty much had the whole place to myself...just me and the geese. :)

All of this snow has pretty much melted now, but it's supposed to snow again tomorrow and maybe Sunday and a couple of days next week too. I was telling someone yesterday that when I saw all of those snowflake symbols on my weather app for the week, my heart sank a little. I know there's no point in feeling one way or another about the weather because it is what it is. So I'm posting these pics today to remind myself that snow is beautiful.

I think I've always had a tendency to hunker down and just endure winter rather than enjoy it. But that's no way to live life, of course, to put enjoyment on hold for several months until the weather is pleasant again. So I'm trying not to worry so much about driving conditions and numb toes, and focus instead on appreciating the season for what it offers. (And also really appreciating my new wool socks and warm coffee shops within walking distance.)


  1. jealous about your snow. We haven't had much snow and the little amount of snow we've had melts so quickly. We are expecting more this weekend but I think it might just be rain. Boohoo... if it snows I might go out and take some pictures too!

  2. I like these images, they look so peaceful and quiet. I really like the pointy balls on it (I don't know what they're called, lol). And the one with the tiny orange leaves! :)

  3. Mary, this is as much snow I would love to see! This month in Florida is so cold and rainy...I feel like I'm back to Russia! lol
    I also have a two packs of wild gooses coming in my back pool's door and bagging for food every evening. They already eating from my hands...I will post the pictures in one day ... you see they are related!

  4. Now that's motivation...out before the sun and in the snow! Such great photos :)

  5. Looks like a gorgeous walk. But a cold one! I hope a hot cocoa was waiting for you at home...