Friday, February 28, 2014

Let's Take a Walk

Here are a few pics from last Sunday, a gorgeous warm day that seems long gone now that it's 12 degrees outside again. We went down by the water in the late afternoon and soaked up the last of the daylight.

It was dinner time for the seagulls, and they were going kind of nuts. I got a couple of funny pics where it looks like the seagulls are dive bombing people on the shore, like a still from The Birds.

Cute little cupola and weathervane.

We came upon the cutest, fluffiest, most squeezable thing ever hanging out on the boardwalk like it's no big deal. Let me just tell you: nothing can really prepare you for seeing a two-month-old Corgi puppy unexpectedly. It will be emotional.

Here's another pic so you can see how tiny she was (the dog, not the human, though she was pretty small too). Look at those legs. So many squees. Every single person who passed by, dudes too, gasped and ran over to pet her.

Looking at these pics right now makes my heart ache a bit. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this walk. Till next time... xo, Mary


  1. I can't pass a puppy without petting it :) And this one is super cute!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your walk! :) I die when I see a cute puppy, I get borderline creepy. This past weekend was gorgeous! I had to take an extra long break from work just to enjoy being outside for a couple of hours. It looks like everyone else thought the same thing.

  3. gorgeous photos. where on earth do you live? it's beautiful there and i'm fantasy shopping for a new city.


    1. Thank you! These photos were all taken in Old Town Alexandria, about 20 minutes outside Washington, DC.

  4. Beautiful photos, a wonderful walk for sure!

  5. You live in such a beautiful area! And omg that puppy!!!

  6. I had many "squees" just looking at the pictures of that adorable puppy!

  7. awww.. that corgi puppy is so cute looking!