Tuesday, February 4, 2014

One Photo Every Hour (or Thereabouts) - Sunday

I realized I haven't done one of these posts since last July and thought it was about time we spent a day together again. :)

10 am
Trying to hold the sunlight in my hand. I didn't sleep well...was up several times during the night...and staying in bed all day is very tempting. But after I take this picture, I decide to get up anyway and do something with the day.

11 am
Packing up an order. I hope this bird brooch makes someone really happy.

12 pm
Dressed and ready to go with crazy patterns on my sweater. Let's go outside.

1 pm
On the bus, I spot a blue heart on the window. We are sitting knee to knee with some British tourists, a young woman and her mother. The young woman asks me for help to make sure they're on the right bus, and I do, of course.

2 pm
We are at The Phillips Collection to see an art exhibit only to find out that all the tickets for the rest of the day are sold out. This has been happening to us a lot lately. Major bummer.

We walk around for a bit.

3 pm
I drown my sorrows in some cupcakes at Hello Cupcake.

4 pm
Back home in time to see Keyboard Cat. So funny. Also, they outdid themselves at Animal Planet this year...probably the best kitty halftime show I've ever seen on the Puppy Bowl. We watched the puppies for a little while too, of course.

5 pm
Editing photos and drinking coffee.

6-7 pm
Working in the studio...trying to finish up a couple of projects that I'll blog soon.

8 pm
Yep still in the studio. I look down at my desk and see that my worry doll is trapped under a huge pile of felt scraps, and it makes me laugh. Poor worry doll.

9 pm
Watching Downton Abbey. I love when they do wide shots and you can see more of the house. Also, no spoilers but I really hope there's some good news for someone on that show soon. Sheesh, it's been heavy so far this season, right?

That was the last picture I took. After Downton, I puttered around the studio for a little while longer before I succumbed to the fact that I really was exhausted and not feeling well and should probably just put myself to bed. So I did.


  1. Love the heart on the bus window :) And those cupcakes look like a great way to forget about the sold out tickets!

  2. I love the "walking around for a bit" pictures. Too bad about the tickets! I wonder why that keeps happening?

  3. love the whole day...........total bummer about the tickets. that just stinks. what's up with that? vanilla gorilla cupcake!!! mmmmm. they all look good. i missed keyboard cat.......what a bummer. did catch the pups for a few minutes though. have a great week mary.

  4. I love these posts! That heart, those cupcakes... :)

  5. What a busy day you had! I agree, it's time for something a little lighter on Downton. This is a dark season so far!

  6. Lovely pictures! That patterned sweater you're wearing is so cute. This reminds me too, I need to catch up on Sunday's Downton Abbey!

  7. Ok, this is an awesome idea! This was really an interesting post. I loved the little heart on the bus window...and the cupcakes...and the photo with the turrets on the top of the buildings/houses. :)

  8. I love these posts! Hope you were able to save your worry doll, and which cupcake(s) did you have?