Friday, March 28, 2014

House Hunting

Let's play another round of fantasy house hunting, shall we? This one takes us to a cute little rowhouse near Primrose Hill in London. I actually know this area a little bit, which is rare because usually when I play this game I just pick a random place in the world, often some place I've never been. Anyway, this house is in a pretty part of town, near Regent's Park where I spent lots of days a lifetime ago.

I should maybe explain how I play this game as last time I think some people didn't really get what I was doing. My object is not to find the best designed house or the nicest house. I'm not really looking for design inspiration here, and to be honest, it's rare to come across a house on real estate sites that looks like it came out of a magazine. It would just save a lot of time to look at design magazines, haha.

When I play this fantasy house hunting game, I just like to pick a city, any city, and see what random houses look like inside. I like to let my imagination wander to what life might be like if you lived in this house, in this city.

Every once in a while, I will come across a house that strikes me in some way, again, not because it's necessarily the best. Often, the ones that touch my heart the most are in need of some real work. But there's something special about them, something that tugs at nostalgia perhaps, or some emotion...I don't know exactly. Anyway, this house is like that for me.

There are design elements I do love here, of course, like the herringbone floors and fireplaces, but lots of houses have those. There's something else special here, maybe that many families have lived in and loved this house?

Happy weekend, everybody. :)


  1. That house looks amazing!! I would love something like that. That would be awesome. Living in London would be awesome too.

  2. It looks great from the inside, light and spacious. But what I like most is the outside, that blue door and the neighbours' red door rock against the white and the bricks :-)

  3. Think about the possibilities. Those are great spaces. I specially love the "ugly" window view out of the green room, and the scuffles from the foot traffic by the fireplace...something very nostalgic about them.

  4. Oh, this is such a great idea! What fabulous photos! It would be so fun to decorate those spaces! :)

  5. that is so cool:) that fireplace, nice shots:)