Saturday, March 8, 2014

Things I liked lately

Good mail this week: a cute card in a popcorn bag envelope from Dawn and felt balls from Benzie.

I thought I'd read The Fault in Our Stars but the hold queue at the library was like a bazillion people long since it's recently been made into a movie. So I went with Paper Towns instead. I don't usually read young adult novels, for whatever reason, but this one was great, lots of mystery and adventure. At times I felt like there were a few too many trendy things or internet jokes crammed in, a little too "of its time" if you know what I mean. But Green is really good at creating characters and scenes that capture what it feels like to be 17, which is no easy task. I really enjoyed it.

And a pretty window, just because.

Other things:

Art - Echo Yang makes art using autonomous machines, really just everyday objects. I love to see artists experimenting with the world around them.

Article - Huffington Post wrote about creative people doing things differently. I don't know if putting this article in a "things I liked lately" post is really the right place for it. Honestly, it was kind of bizarre reading this post because so many things on the list are "so me," it's almost like someone was following me around with a little notebook jotting down all my daydreaming, weird sleep habits, watching people, etc. To read so many of the things I do in a list like that on Huffington Post was just weird and maybe slightly unsettling, as if I had been part of a scientific study and didn't know about it. But anyway, I guess it did make me feel better in a way because a lot of my personality traits or habits, the very things that make it difficult to be "normal," i.e., have a normal office job and a normal social calendar, are according to this article, necessary to, or at least hallmarks of, being a creative person. In other words, I don't think I could have one without the other. And I wouldn't want to be a person who never daydreams and is super efficient and productive if it meant I wouldn't be very creative. Life would be infinitely more boring if that were the case.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! It's supposed to be 60 degrees today! :)

P.S. There's still time to sign up for the card swap. Just email me your address by tomorrow night if you want to join. xo


  1. The hold line for The Fault in Our Stars is really insane at my library, too. I think it was 76 people the last time I checked, and they obviously have multiple copies to lend, but that's still months of waiting. I think I'll just get it for my Kindle instead...

  2. I love those felt balls. I kind of want to get some and make Essley a mobile out of them.

  3. That window is so the color! And that article in the HP is SO true! Kinda scary!