Friday, April 18, 2014

Cherry Blossoms

We went to see the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin in DC last Sunday. Those pink trees were super beautiful and dreamy, as always. Thanks, Japan! :)

I realized pretty quickly, though, that getting perfect photos just wasn't going to happen; there were so many people. I didn't have time to adjust my camera settings the way I normally do because as soon as I'd frame a shot, someone would walk in front of the camera. So I just tried to get my settings mostly right, go with the flow, snap a few pics here and there, and not worry about it. Inevitably, there were lots of shots that were underexposed, overexposed, or absolutely perfect except for someone's head in the frame. Haha. I did decide to play around with framing on center in a few shots and mix up my compositions a bit, which was fun. Anyway, here are a few photos that turned out pretty well despite the challenges.

Cherry Blossoms in Washington, DC
Thomas Jefferson Memorial and cherry blossoms in Washington, DC
cherry blossoms
cherry blossoms
Tidal Basin Inlet Bridge in Washington, DC
Cherry blossoms and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC
Cherry Blossoms around the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC
The Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC
The Washington Monument and cherry trees in Washington, DC

When we'd made our way around the Tidal Basin, had our fill of pink trees (and cute dogs and toddlers too, of course), we went back up to the Mall and walked the length of it to the Capitol. The weather was so nice that I had to take my jacket off mid-way and debated whether I should've put on sunscreen. It was gorgeous!

On the way home, we stopped at our favorite diner and had caramel challah french toast and coffee, and then I went home and passed out. My body has been hating me all week for spending so long outdoors during allergy season when I was already sick, but it was worth it. I'd do it all over again tomorrow. :)

Happy Friday, everyone! xo, Mary


  1. Came here to say something else, but your mention of French toast hijacked my concentration, ha!
    Anyway, beautiful images, Mary! Love those flowers, tinged with pink and so diaphanous...
    Happy Friday to you!

  2. Love the soft colours, your pictures are stunning as always! Are all those people there to admire the cherry blossoms?

  3. so beautiful!! I really need to make a trip to DC for the Cherry Blossoms. They are so pretty.

  4. How beautiful! I love cherry blossoms and have always wanted to see the ones in DC! Your photos are lovely :)

  5. I don't know Mary, I'd say these were pretty perfect. I think my favorite is the branch with jefferson memorial in distance. my neighbors were just down to visit their son and see the cherry blossoms, picture after pretty picture.

  6. These shots are gorgeous Mary! I can't wait for the trees to blossom here. Also, that French toast sounds amazing.

  7. these beauties are one of my favourite flowers <3

  8. These are so stunning! They also don't look like you had too much trouble, so no worries.

  9. Wow. I love all of these! They're actually quite stunning! I'm definitely a fan of flowering trees; they make everything feel like spring. I'm sorry it was so crowded, though! I guess everyone was interested in getting the same shots. I remember being at Yellowstone this past summer and having the same experience.