Friday, May 2, 2014

Bits of April

I loved the pink sleeves on coffee cups at Starbucks last month--the perfect, perfect shade of pink--but sadly the pastries they announced were yucky. (No one likes them so supposedly they are revamping the recipes and also bringing back some of the old pastries.) I also love this pretty pink building in DC; wouldn't it be great to have a shop or a studio in there? I made this tulip notebook a couple of weeks ago, but it sold before I had a chance to blog about it. And early morning light one day, shining on our pendant and making it glow.

We went to the American Art Museum to see a pop art exhibit, but I couldn't leave without a glance at some gorgeous John Singer Sargent ladies; a pretty stained glass window; a walk on Earth rained most of the day and when it stopped, the most atmospheric fog appeared...I half expected the Headless Horseman to come riding out of the park; and The Evening Star building sure is pretty with it's marble facade and Beaux-Arts curviness.

It's no secret I love colorful houses and doors, and it's nice when nature plays along and blooms in coordinating colors; ivy growing everywhere on brick buildings; a bunny came to visit us on Easter(!); and a diagonally striped sunset was very cool, almost like looking inside a really big rainbow.
A visit to the Old Post Office Pavilion and a funny story: Peter and I were the last ones there and got locked inside. We had to hunt down a security guard who was still there to let us out. You have to watch me when I'm wandering around taking photos; I lose track of time pretty much always. Oddly enough, it didn't stress me out at all to be locked in; I was totally content to spend a few more hours in there and have the place all to myself.

One of my favorite pink buildings in Old Town and lots of cherry trees. April was very pink apparently! That's a very good thing. Here's to more getting out and about in May. :)


  1. Gorgeous photos, as always! Fun little story about being locked in as well. I'm also looking forward to the gorgeous weather that I hope May will bring. It's amazing how much happier I feel when I'm able to spend so much time outside!

  2. Mary your photos are amazing! I love that one with the fog, very charming! And yes it would be beautiful to have a studio in that pink building :)

  3. Back in the big city I lived in a pink town house! Love the mood of the fog photo and how lucky you were to spot a bunny on Easter :)

  4. What a cute bunny to come and visit you when it was Easter!

  5. Love all the pretty pinks that you got the meet last month!

  6. April looked like it was a success - love this post!