Thursday, May 8, 2014

Card Swap Photos

Ok, I know it's been a looong time, but some of you might still remember the card swap I hosted a couple of months ago. A few people sent me photos of their finished cards, so let's play show and tell, shall we? :)

Angela's card - I love the layered papers and letters, and the green paper background is the cutest thing ever. Happy spring indeed!

Anabel's card - Anabel's paper art sorta blows my mind. I love the organic shapes and textures and her lovely illustration inside.

Dawn's card - I love the watercolor stripes and hand-lettered "hello." And bonus points for making a cool envelope too!

Emily's card - Emily told me this was her first handmade card, and she actually made two and sent another to a blogging buddy. Isn't that awesome? I love the colors she chose and all the sparkles...I love me some sparkle.

Heather's card - This is just so pretty! Everyone knows I love felt and flowers and this is pretty much the perfect combo. And I love that she included a little handmade tag too.

Deborah's card - How can you not smile when you look at this card? It's so cute! And the bookmark she included is covered in tiny adorable vespas. (I'm thinking I need to find something covered in tiny adorable vespas...I definitely feel like that's been missing from my life.)

Jo's card - Jo was super thoughtful to incorporate wearable art in her card in the form of a bunny brooch. It's like two gifts in one! And I'm all about rejoicing that spring has sprung. I have gladly traded numb toes for allergies and I don't care one bit!

I really hope everyone had fun and maybe found a new pen pal? Dawn and I met when we were randomly paired up in a swap back in 2011, and we can't leave each other alone. Haha. But really, I think finding new friends is pretty much the best thing about the internet. Well, that, and funny animal videos, of course.

**Also, I didn't have links for some of you, so if you happen to read this and want me to link to your blog or instagram, just let me know! xo, Mary


  1. Wow!.... all these are lovely:)

  2. Loved being in this fun swap--the cards turned out beautifully. :)