Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Flickr Favorites

I don't think I did a Flickr favorites post last month because I had some trouble logging into my account for a couple of weeks. Flickr changed their policy so that you have to login with a yahoo account, but I didn't have a yahoo account (I always logged on with my Google username). So I had to go back and forth with the help desk to get my account linked to a new username, and it took a while to get it straight. Anyway, internet. Blah. Here's this month's pretty pics. :)

Untitled marrakech Untitled Untitled sunday. Untitled

Click on images to go directly to sources.

Speaking of photography...I have my eye on a new lens, but Canon lenses are soooo expensive, so I'm going to be adding as much stuff as I can to both shops to try and save up some extra pennies. So keep an eye out for new things coming soon!


  1. such beautiful pictures! i don't have a yahoo account either--haven't tried logging into flickr in awhile but now i have to see what's going on with that. btw, i so wish i could go lens shopping right now! actually, camera shopping. my nikon is finally on it's way out :(

  2. Don't you just love it when websites change their policies like that? Blurg. I'm not sure if I have a Yahoo account, gut I guess I'd better go log into Flickr and see what happens...

    Speaking of cameras, I think I'm finally going to spring for a DSLR. Now that I'm doing bigger projects (read: not photographing jewelry on my window sill) my point-and-click just isn't getting the job done. If you have any recommendations, let me know!

  3. The photo of the dog! I always love dog photos-- I'm a sucker for them. And the table setting is fantastic as well-- rich wood tones and great light. I need to start setting time aside for more photography. These photos are inspiring. I know the feeling with purchasing new lenses. A couple summers ago, I finally saved enough money for the Nikon wide angle lens I had wanted. So expensive! However, it was worth the wait for sure. I just get impatient with stuff like that because I always want to play with it right that moment, not wait forever to save for it...haha!

  4. The garden shot is so great! As are the lights :)
    I hope you reach your goal and get your new lens!

  5. Oooh. I absolutely love the flowers shot, and definitely the last one. You can always interest me in something that seems a little "magical."