Friday, May 16, 2014

Scenes from Life

We took a walk in a little garden in DC, and I was kind of obsessed with these pink flowers.

Believe it or not, I actually turned down the saturation on these photos; the flowers were really this vibrant!

There were some pretty purple irises too that weren't quite blossoming yet.

I told Peter that I think sitting in a rocking chair on a front porch is probably ingrained in my DNA somewhere, and I won't totally feel right about life until I'm living that dream on a daily basis, and he was like "noted."

I also like drooping flowers and crawling vines and pergolas and nature pretty much just doing it's thing.

It was Peter's birthday on Wednesday, and I got him a few things, one of which was this handmade keychain with his initials from Kiki's Leather Shop. He loves it, and it looks great.

I've finally gotten my act together and been making smoothies pretty much every day for the past two weeks. I'd had it on my to do list forever but was always deterred by my supreme laziness and the fact that blenders are a pain to clean. But now I've got a routine down, and I don't really even think about it. I've tried all sorts of combinations with fruit, spinach, kale, almond butter, yogurt, different juices...all pretty tasty. I'm hoping I can keep it up through the summer because it's such an easy way to get my daily fruits and veggies.

Hope you enjoyed these random shots from last week. Happy Friday, everyone! xo, Mary


  1. I love smoothies, and happy birthday to Peter!

  2. Great photos! I love the sentiment about the rocking chair. I think that is one of life's great truths. I love that keychain and happy birthday to Peter! Is his arm better, by the way? I love smoothies- I add yogurt and oatmeal to mine to make it more like breakfast.

  3. The cleaning part of making smoothies is what keeps me from making them. I think I need to stop fuzzing about that, because smoothies can be so good! Love the chairs. Are they yours?

  4. Blender cleaning is why I'm still not on the smoothie wagon. I keep thinking it would be nice to try... but then I remember how much I hate doing dishes. Haha.

    Happy Birthday to Peter, too!

  5. Hi! This is Kiki from Kiki's Leather Shop. I found your blog from someone who visited my shop via your site. Thank you so much for the compliment. It means a lot to me :)

  6. I've been making smoothies as of late, too. The base of mine is usually Greek yogurt, but I really should throw some spinach or kale in there sometime, just to get more greens/veggies. Those pink flowers are INSANE. They're even brighter than the peonies in my mom's front yard and those, my friend, are a vivid magenta.