Monday, June 2, 2014

Bits of May

Here are a few photos taken with my phone in May:
I joked that if you looked inside my head, it would look something like this, and that's pretty much true...but really I was happily packing up orders; a card I made with cut paper, needle and thread; beautiful pink blooms...not sure what these are (they aren't cherry blossoms but look sort of similar--anyone know?); and having coffee in the sun on one of the first warm days.

A cupcake makes a good afternoon snack IMO; the Kogod courtyard at the American Art Museum is such a nice space to spend time, and the glass canopy makes amazing shadows; an epic-scale battle between a dinosaur and an alien; and a sellout crowd at Nats park.

Taking a coffee break with my new Wyeth book from the exhibit we saw a few weeks ago (will probably blog about it soon); inadvertently blending in with my surroundings on an afternoon walk; pretty row tops; and looking out the window of the train and watching another train pass by.

Lots of leisurely afternoons in May; at the rose garden; the park; the back yard where I found a bird's egg; and walking around Shepherdstown, which I blogged about last week.

We spent lots of time outdoors in May, which was worth it even though I stayed sick because of it. Actually, I'm still sort of a ball of sinus congestion, and it feels like allergy season is never ending, but I'll happily take that over winter colds any day. Spring was hear that, summer? You have a lot to live up to! ;)


  1. Lovely pictures! Such leisurely afternoons are wonderful! Spring is a lovely season to get out:)

  2. Always love your updates! And although spring was late to arrive to Chicago, it's been beautiful here too. I'll take allergies over winter any day.

  3. I have taken a look on the internet at the museum, I want to spend some time there :-).

  4. Love all the pink in the first set :)
    You did get out a lot in May...woohoo!