Thursday, August 21, 2014

Let's Take a Walk

Here's this week's random shots. It's funny: that last photo was just a test shot (checking to make sure my camera settings were ok). Normally, I delete those shots, but I ended up liking this one. I'm not even sure why exactly, but I think it turned out better than some carefully composed and very intentional shots I've taken! I guess that's one of the joys of photography; there's always some level of unpredictability, more so with film, of course, but I think it's true of digital photography as well.

That reminds me that I have half a roll of film in my camera to use up. I'm not even sure if that camera still works, but I decided to take a roll of film anyway. I started last fall and then gave up during the ice age that was last winter. I meant to pick it back up in the spring and sort of, just, forgot. So I guess I have more shooting to do. Here's hoping we have some nice exploring weather in the next few weeks. :)


  1. Are all buildings that good looking over there?

    1. Some parts of town are definitely prettier than others. There are sections of DC and Northern VA that are mostly ugly office buildings, but pretty streets are usually just a block or two away. :)

  2. Love the canoe...makes me want to get out on the water!