Monday, September 29, 2014

Shop Update + Crafty News

I added a couple of notebooks to the shop last week...

Cat with pink and red stripes

And a colorful fox in the woods

Also, I will be selling at GRUMP Art + Craft fair at Artisphere on December 14, so mark your calendars if you're local! This is my first juried show, so I'm excited and also a little nervous. I've been to GRUMP before, and they always have the coolest vendors, so at least I know I will be in good company. :)

I'm working on new ornaments to sell, new prints, plus my usual array of cute notebooks and brooches. I'm already brainstorming display ideas, and that part is really fun too. I will probably post more about it over the next two months as I get ready. Would you guys like to see sneak peeks of what I'll be selling or display finds? I plan on selling some things at the show that won't be in my Etsy shop, so there will be a few surprises too.
xo, Mary


  1. Your new notebooks are looking so cute! I'm also excited about the new ornaments too. I hope the show goes well. Definitely get your products stocked! I'm applying to a show in December and I'm hoping I get in!

  2. Super cute notebooks, love the one with the cat. Congratulations on your show! I would love to see pics :)

  3. I'd love to see more of your creations over here, and shop display ideas too! I've actually started collecting cool ideas for that on Pinterest last weekend. It's quite a challenge when you're on a budget. At the thrift store I managed to get my hands on some vintage toast rack-thingies. I think those work very good for displaying notebooks :-) All of them where under a euro, so I was very happy with them!

  4. Fun! I'd love to see little sneak peeks into your prep. I love seeing what oh her artists put together for displays and such.

  5. More cute notebooks. You always have such fun ideas for these :)
    That's great about getting into a juried show! Yes, I'd love to see your prep, new pieces and display ideas!

  6. How exciting about the show! And yes, tell us what you're making and how you plan to have your table set up. :-)